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Love computer vision? Come reconstruct the world in 3D at Matterport (YC W12)
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Matterport enables you to make online 3D copies of physical places.

We're building a 3D reconstruction system that makes it easy for anyone to automatically build 3D models of physical spaces such as houses in just a few minutes. We have an initial version of our product in beta with large companies in real estate, construction, and home improvement, and things are going very well. You can check out what our reconstructions look like at http://matterport.com/explore

We raised $5.6 million a couple of months ago, and we're now working hard to deliver the production version of our product later this year. We're proud to be creating something incredibly useful. This is going to become a vital tool for the millions of professionals who work with 3D spaces on a daily basis, including real estate companies, remodelers, insurance companies, construction companies, building operators, architects, retail designers, and more. Our customers are excited and clamoring to buy our production cameras as soon as they're available.

A Bit about Us:

We are all experienced founders and were previously early employees at PayPal and Google. We like to work hard and get shit done. We are intellectual and curious. We know how to communicate and get along. We're goofy and keep the work atmosphere fun.

Most of all, though, we're driven to change the world in a deep and meaningful way.

The Role:

We're looking for a software engineer with experience in computer vision. You'll work to make our point cloud alignment and 3D reconstruction process even more reliable and easy to use, and you'll make the final results of the reconstruction and meshing look even better.

You'll get the opportunity to work in areas including:

* Generating and texturing 3D meshes from point clouds; * 3D mesh manipulation; * Camera calibration; * Working with and improving state-of-the-art SLAM algorithms; * Developing new techniques for tracking and understanding the environment using real-world sensor data; * Creating and refining algorithms for detailed 3D reconstruction of large spaces; * Using and creating image processing techniques to help make our models look photo-realistic; * Extracting high-level information from dense 3D models - object segmentation, architectural properties, etc.

Our Ideal Candidate has:

* Computer vision experience - 2+ years would be great! * Programming experience in a language other than R or MATLAB - preferably C or C++; * Technical degree a relevant field.

Bonus points for:

* Experience in computer vision for mobile; * Previous experience with SLAM or 3D reconstruction, either from 2D or 3D data.

What we can offer you:

We're large enough that you're coming in to a well-organized team with great tools and a lot of support but small enough that your individual contribution will be crucial to our product's success. We're also large enough that we can pay you a good salary but small enough that we can give you a significant chunk of equity. Here are some specific perks:

* Health insurance benefits - regular or HSA * Generous stock options * We invest in your personal and career development * Catered lunches M-F from local eateries * Awesome coffee machines

To apply, please email jobs@matterport.com and title your email "HN Candidate - Vision"

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