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I love the government's response here. "Sure, we can have a debate about state surveillance, but the guy that forced this debate IS A NO GOOD DIRTY TRAITOR!"

and we could not catch this traitor with those 80 billions

Hence the reason I tell you all that neither the NSA nor the U.S. government is actually omnipotent or all-powerful. :P

I do agree with that statement, but it doesn't mean they can do a whole lot of damage. From Iraq to Aaron Schwartz, when the US government turns it's big sloppy attention at you, watch out.

Ah but see, I take a near-fatalist attitude to that. Iraq will go down in the history books as a travesty, no doubt about that. But Swartz was treated in accordance with the law, even though the law has been modified over centuries to slowly add more protections.

So the way I see it, if your only goal when considering the law is how you will prevent this new ability from ever seriously affecting anyone innocent you've already locked yourself into a NULL set. Even in our justice system, with warrants and probable cause and the right to remain silent and the works we still lock up innocent people, do we not?

But imagine instead that we take that big huge nasty government and at least point it in a useful direction; perhaps that would be a more effective way to prevent a slide into tyranny in the future.

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