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obamaischeckingyouremail.tumblr.com (obamaischeckingyouremail.tumblr.com)
332 points by patkbriggs on June 10, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 39 comments

This shouldn't be half as funny as it is. It shouldn't be funny at all.

Then again, a little bit of gallows humor is always in order when facing these things.

Our emails certainly seem to be very funny. :)

Posting this link on Facebook forces me to answer a captcha, what I have never seen before at this point. Then trying to follow the link, the FB-redirect produces an Internal Server Error, so the link to the Tumblr page isn't working. Haha, 500 Code on an simple link, while other links are working.

There must be the NSA behind it! :-D

Funny you say that, the same thing happened to me. Where are you located? I'm in Australia. Never ever received a Facebook captcha before when posting a link and to make it more interesting, I was posting the link in a secret group on Facebook which only the invited members would see anyway.

Facebook have long used captcha barriers on suspicious links. The nastier of them won't even be able to be posted at all, a blacklist which included the Pirate Bay for a short period.

Stackexchange is using the same approach to get rid of trolls.

Probably a large volume of the link being shared, triggering the anti-spam filters at Facebook or something...

Same here in germany. I've never seen a captcha on Facebook before.

I see them when I access from some other country and an internet cafe.

It also asks me to identify 5 friends by their pictures, which is a great guessing game because some of them have tagged plants, food or whatever as themselves, and I am bad at recognizing aquaintances I've met in some place and added on facebook and yet never talked to again.

Yup. Same thing happened to me! Got the captcha but it posted fine.

I'm in the US, and had the same exact problem.

“We wanted a president that listens to all Americans – Now we have one” (Jay Leno)

That's been one of the best quotes I've heard throughout all of this...

This is one of those times when it's both funny and makes you cry

OK, it's getting trendy :) http://i.imgur.com/fWWCjPC.jpg

Cropping the square, my new Facebook PRISM avatar: presm.png.

"Yo guys, i really like snooping on emails lately, can you bring me some more emails to read? kthxbye"

NSA: We 'll do our best Mr. President

Finally. Something funny. Ok, now I feel like I can get back to programming... something I've been putting off all day. The world is fubar, but it's still alright.

Here. More: http://xkcd.com/1223/

Just like the 'kim-jong il looking at things'! :)

Hillariously, previously submitted -> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5851063

Can't say I mind seeing this multiple times :)

How was it possible to post the exact same link multiple times?

Probably the 'no duplicate link' exception doesn't apply to sites like tumblr where different subdomains likely belong to different and unrelated people.


hello.facebook.com and sayhi.facebook.com belongs to the same entity but you can't say the same for

hello.tumblr.com and sayhi.tumblr.com

I'm jx making a guess though

Actually I tried to post this URL earlier today and was redirected to the "original" (whatsoever) submission. That's what made me curious.

but if the links are <em>exactly</em> the same, shouldn't that still match it as a duplicate?

I keep trying to share this on facebook and facebook makes me enter CAPCHA and then breaks my link. Conspiracy Y/N?

Same. A lot of people are sharing the link, maybe FB's spam protection is kicking in?

A picture says more than 1024 words, and its funny, thanks a lot.

This is disarming the seriousness of the government recording all your internet activity.

Too soon.

I understand your point however we could be seeing the images that will define Mr Obama's presidency in the making.

I was thinking the same thing, images like this could definitely be how Obama's presidency gets remembered.

haha! most ppl in these pics are actually showing him their computers, cell phones, etc.

The ridic thing is that this has been happening since the beginning of electronic footprints and suddenly now ppl are outraged by this, but not by the nonsense they happily put up on facebook. w/e

It seems that readers are misunderstanding what bothers me about this mess. If we are this upset about it, we should be pushing to reform the Patriot Act (etc.) not down voting my comment about the lack of privacy in social networds. We should be making our Google, Facebook, Tweeter, etc. accounts safer, by demanding security and privacy and by ourselves taking steps to achieve that privacy.

Seriously guys, how much of this is Obama's fault? Isn't it Bush that we all should be complaining to?

Obama has been president for like 5 years now. If he didn't approve, he would have stopped it.

Contribution to lameexcusesforobama.tumblr.com?

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