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Transfer your Spotify Playlists to Google Music: All Access (maui.at)
22 points by mauimauer on June 9, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

This could be useful but I'd be cautious about giving an app my Google password.

That's why I chose JS and to distribute it as ready-to-run app with app.js. Everyone should check the code and make sure I am not doing nasty things with their passwords.

You could give a one-use password and then revoke access to the app once you're done transferring.

Didn't test that but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work. Thanks for the heads up!

Nice work!

re: passwords/OAuth, playlist manipulation over OAuth is possible when using the Music Manager interface [0].

That said, I don't think search is possible over OAuth.

[0] I noticed when I added Music Manager list/download to gmusicapi (https://unofficial-google-music-api.readthedocs.org/en/devel...).

thanks. Too bad I'd still need the Password for searching. BTW, I really have to add a note somewhere that I used your unofficial Google Music API as reference.

No worries! I'm happy to see folks working on Google Music =)

No matter what I try I can't seem to get it to accept my Spotify credentials. But hopefully I will get it figured out, I've been wanting to try Google Music for a long time but the only thing that's been holding me back is my Spotify playlists.

If your're Spotify account is bound to Facebook you need to specifically lookup your device username (which usually only contains digits) and password. You can do that on your Spotify Profile page at: https://www.spotify.com/de/account/set-device-password/

Yeah I requested a device password, but haven't gotten anything from them yet. I guess I'm just really impatient. :)

Does Portify only port playlists that you own or all playlists that you are subscribed to?

It should also pick up subscribed playlists.

Right. Added a trial for the new account. Gonna cancel it right after successful transfer. Good news, I was able to get to the transfer phase of Portify on the new account. Cheers!

Edit: Worked great. Thanks for making and releasing this utility!

As far as Google Music All Access, does anyone know how to get the play/pause, next, and previous buttons on a laptop keyboard to work on the Google Music site?

I'm going to try making a new Spotify account and just subscribe it to my playlists then try again with that Spotify account.

Be aware that it only works with "Premium" (ie. paid) Spotify accounts.

And here I sit, waiting for Google Music to be available outside of the United States.

Google Music is available in Australia (as of last month or so), but the All Access streaming is not.

Thank you so much! I recently made the switch and have been waiting for just this tool :)

Feel free to check out the source. If would have preferred to do this using OAuth...but there are just no offical APIs for that right now.

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