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White House Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snow...

To anyone with doubts about going on-record about your support for Edward Snowden: This is precisely why you MUST sign it. Your nervousness in expressing an opinion different from your government's will only compound if a true surveillance state matures.

Let's stand up quickly for this hero before it's too late.

Your nervousness is NOTHING compared to what he felt while deciding whether or not to release this. Share his burden.

I want to see this get lots of votes, just so the White House has to write a response. Even though I know what they will say...

They never responded to the Aaron Swartz petition and it reached twice the required signatures to "guarantee" a response.

I looked up a few and it looks like they have no problem ignoring petitions that pass the response threshold :(

They often take a while to respond, so I wouldn't rule it out yet.


Here, I'll do it for you: "We can't comment on ongoing investigations."

Just as I was about to sign the petition (I've only signed 1 other one before to revoke the Westboro Baptist Church, lol)....I plan to run a "successful," startup someday soon, do you think it's safe to sign a petition (esp when I don't believe Aaron Swartz's demise was self-inflicted).

I plan to run a startup too, and frankly having to wonder whether some types of pro-civil-liberties speech are "safe" is a good indicator of how far off the track the USA has gone.

It's a White House petition on their official website. They want people to sign these petitions and interact with the site.

Grow some balls.

I'm not scared at all....just that I need to live for my kids :/

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