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Hello. I was recently in something resembling your position, and I decided to homeschool from grade 10 onwards. In my case I took graduate courses in math at a local (top 20) university for free -- the professors allowed me to sit-in on the lectures and do the homework so long as I showed them I was prepared. I am in grade 11 now and have been studying Khovanov homology, geodesic dynamics, and compact Riemann surfaces in the past few months.

It has allowed an extraordinary degree of freedom. I have been able to check out large masses of (mainly) science fiction and history books, with indefinite renewals -- and have been able to find the time to read one or two books a day, even with my other commitments.

It may be possible to do so in public schools. In my case, self-studying was always an integral part of my education as there were no adults in my immediate environment who could really teach me additionally; I did not receive the attention from teachers for that (though my work was consistently exemplary), and I was disallowed from entering elementary school early. You may be similar.

My main tools have been a laptop, paper, a "Pentel Graphgear 1000 PG1013-E" (a prized possession), and two library cards.

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