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Who Cares if NSA Snooping Is Legal? It's Still Disgusting. (reason.com)
6 points by smsm42 on June 8, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Maybe it is. So far, we only have news reports, and they look bad. Hopefully, we'll see some political push to review the program and find out more about its methods and goals.

The way NSA and FBI have operated is that they do something illegal/unconstitutional, say like wiretapping phones from people without a warrant, for a few years, and then they lobby for it to become legal, so they can do it freely, and also be able to use it in Court. They succeed "because terrorists", and then they can say "everything we're doing is legal". That law may also be unconstitutional, but by the time it reaches the Supreme Court, it could be decades, and the damage will already be done.

So yes, it is disgusting. Some of these laws get passed with maybe 1% of the population being aware of them or what they really mean, because they obfuscate them so much in their public statements, and the media has been very complacent about it.

I don't think the media even reported the FISA renewal last year, or they didn't do it much at all, at least. As if it wasn't even a big deal. That's what makes it all so disgusting.

Then the administration has the nerve to say "there has been oversight", even though that oversight, besides being hidden from the public, is also very limited:


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