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I'm in grade 12 now, almost done, only a few months left. I was in basically the same boat as you in Grade 10, i completely hated it. Now, i still don't like school, but i am still loving life. Well my first piece of advice is to slack off in school, if you can. DO all of your homework, but only due the minimum. Just aim to get above 75% in all of your classes. You may not be able to get amazing scholarships with this mark, but you can graduate and get into College. Now what i would recommend to make your life more enjoyable: Find something to do that you love and do it I co-founded a web design company (Kerplunc.com) with a friend of mine in the UK, i run a successful web hosting company (KerpluncHosting.com) and run a blog/webcomic with a bunch of my friends (ExplodingWumpus.com). I'm not sure if your loves are going to be anything similar to that, but that's what i love to do. If you want someone to talk to about this kinda stuff, or just someone to discuss nerdy shit with, feel free to email me (matt@kerplunc.com) and i can give you my MSN etc.

Oh and don't start doing drugs or partying

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