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Two paths spring to mind;

1) If you're sublimely self confident and prepared to deal with the intense difficulty of this option, just leave. Strike out completely on your own, hit the garage, make the Next Big Thing(tm).

2) Kill all the pieces of yourself that make you an anomaly amongst your peers. Drug yourself out, develop an addiction to something that will numb your mind and dull the ennui of the existence you find yourself in. In short, destroy every piece of you that makes it uncomfortable for you to go with the flow.

The world is pulling you down because the world is, as often mentioned here, not designed for people like us. Your solution will be to address this discrepancy in some fashion. It is orders of magnitude easier to change yourself than it is to change the world, and I say this in full knowledge of how utterly stupendously hard it really is to change yourself, especially in this way that you know to be deeply wrong.

I'll spend the rest of my life in obscurity changing the broken things in the world before I spend an hour on my knees trying to figure out how to fit in, but this is not anywhere near as heroic as it sounds. Simply, this is because I am stupid and stubborn, and probably if I were less so (and maybe you are?) I would be able to see this path for the folly it is. Leave the hard stuff to the martyrs and spend your life in dull throbbing comfort in some easy and meaningless pursuit like law or politics, and snort cocaine off hookers for the occasional buzz.

Alas, some of us are simply not this way constructed.

Good luck.

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