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Emails are the new landing pages (medium.com)
11 points by zinssmeister 1687 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

HN is being drowned in content by medium and none of this content is any good.

haha, ouch! I'll try to write something better for you next time.

It sounded like one big add for userfox. Not as bad as the other stuff that is HN is being suffocated with though.

actually only included that last bit about userfox to give some background on why I deal with emails and such. Thanks for the feedback though!

Emails are the "new" hotness, like landing pages were a few years ago, and SEO and PPC were a bit before that. Everything has a hype cycle, even though none of this is particularly new.

I think you are right, everything has a hype cycle but the outcome is usually a wastly improved way of doing things. I think email needs that

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