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get a real job.

Seriously. I hated school as well. I got a gig first working at a mom and pop computer repair place, and then as the windows/netware monkey at the county offices. At both jobs I worked with people old enough to be my parents or grandparents, but it really made me feel... human. they appreciated me and treated me like a real person. They treated me as an adult, really; it made sense, I was doing a job normally done by an adult (even if they were paying me minimum wage)

Add to that, if you don't have an education, you need work experience. I got out of highschool in '97 or so... and jumped in to a .com job. It would have been harder without the industry experience. I survived the crash, and make pretty good money as a *NIX SysAdmin now.

but I think getting a job that counts (even if it's supporting windows boxes in an office, it's still industry experience.) is very important. The social aspects are probably as important as anything else. just being treated like a human being is a wonderful (and shocking) experience for a high school student.

If I had to do it again, I would have fought my parents harder. I tested out of highschool in my junior year (the test is extremely simple.) but my parents wouldn't let me quit because they didn't think I would go to college and they wanted me to have a highschool degree and not an equivalency. That was, of course, such bullshit. most of my co workers have a bs or ms. I leave my education off my resume. Nobody asks to see my high school diploma. (sure, some jobs would be easier to get with a college degree, but really, most of them accept experience instead. Nobody cares about what you did in highschool.)

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