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Everybody needs some some kindred souls. Finding them can be tough. But (paraphrasing Gandhi), "Be the future you want to see." Why not start a "computer club" "programming club"... whatever (if there's not one).

It'll look good on applications to college/job. And it'll draw to you the type of people who are sympatico...

How are you at explaining things to those slower than yourself? Maybe you (or your club) could offer some tutoring help to those less fortunate (in brains). You could set up a facebook or other social site for linking kids needing tutors with those wanting to tutor (whatever subject). Harnessing your gifts to serve in the school will not only give you personal satisfaction but will enhance your social contacts. [And remember: it will also bring you some (unexpected) challenges to help round out your growth.]

--my 2 cents.

Wishing you the best with it!

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