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The short - if you are absolutely set on being an entrepreneur, are properly depressed, or don't care about high incomes, then drop out. If you hate school that is.

Not completing high school does narrow your options in life. Most people say that isn't a good thing. It may be right for you though.

I finished high school, then dropped out of college - only to return 4 years later. It was a bit harder to adjust without the momentum of study. But I did it and loved it enough to do a postgraduate course.

Maybe find a mentor in programming to help you set challenges - engaging your programming related to school work.

IMHO a large number of students in compulsory education (to age 16 here) don't love school.

Note - I am biased as I am now a high school Maths teacher in the UK. Sadly, only one teacher inspired me at school, so I am trying to do better.

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