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I can tell you that I had a very similar experience in high school. I am currently 24 years old and working in a career/job that I absolute love. But high school was a bit different. I wasn't a straight A student, but that's simply because most of the topics we discussed were completely uninteresting to me. And you are right, some teachers can really ruin a subject even if you like it. I was lucky enough to have a few good teachers each year and I was able to graduate without any problem, but I definitely can see where you are coming from.

My suggestion to you is first to forget about dropping out of high school. That is not even a possibility. Now that we have that established, I will move on.

This might not help your grades, but one thing I used to do is actually work on personal projects while I was at school. I would write on paper, that I was supposed to be taking notes with, ideas and brainstorms for my projects. I would sometimes get so bored in school I would actually write out Perl code on paper just for the heck of it. Yea I was bored.

Sorry to digress, basically what I'm trying to say is make due with what you have. If you can't take more challenging classes like honors or AP level courses, perhaps ask around to find out who the more interesting and passionate teachers are and if you have an honest talk with the principal they may actually move you to the class you'd like. Work on your own stuff and your own knowledge while at school. Find others that are interested in those same things you are as well. When I was in high school I joined a webstaff which was basically a group of students that worked on the website. The media center/library people quickly spotted my overall technology talent, and I soon because very literally the school's IT guy. By my 12th grade year, I was practically spending half of my time 'working' at school helping people with computer related issues.

In closure, I have a feeling there are other issues at hand here. I don't quite know what I'm suggesting, maybe personal issues at home or maybe something totally different. Try to figure out what's at the root of your disliking. There is probably an underlying cause that you may be able to fix. Stop worrying so much about high school. Just pass and do good on your SAT. By the way, you're first two years of college, if you go, will be very similar. But when you actually take those nice tech classes where you really learn stuff it is highly enjoyable.

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