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Ok, this is not a good choice.

Me my self studying in a third world school I had never thought of dropping and continued my study and will graduate in 25 days!!

In fact you are lucky, what about if you was here? You don't know the schools here, private or public, teacher are sometimes more stupid that pupils. I can't say more than, my english professor can't spell correctly the "wednesday". I have some good professor also, my math teacher is a SUPER PROF, just because his an old one.

Brief, here most of schools are public, but you need to study outside school, in what we call "additional hours" in some professors houses, which is non-legall and is costing me more than $100 a month.

So I study from 6 to 8 hours in school, 80% of hours are pure waste of time, simply because professor are not competent and students are indifferent. In fact, if you are a professor here, and you just give your students 20/20 and don't teach them anything, they'll be VERY excited, they'll love you and consider you as an intelligent prof.

Why are you considering school a waste of time?

Here's the response:

you want to start productivity from NOW, you don't want to wait few other years to learn programming, you want to start now.

Is it good or bad?

No, that's VERY bad, in school you expand your knowledge, even if it's not programming related, you know new phenomenas of everyday life that you don't know.

Don't be in hurry, you'll start working as soon as you have learned programming. Developing software isn't a simple job.

My own advice, is to carry on your study and then compelete study in university, you can then choose which section fit for you better and carry on your programming carrer.

Don't try to burn steps and jump over them, step by step and you'll get there, be sure.

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