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Chances are that you just very intelligent, and public education such as high schools are designed to intentionally destroy your creativity, no exaggeration, you can look into this -- the goal is to make you a good worker, and if you make it through , maybe white collar (university) with real education being something going on somewhere on the side at institutions of exception. As others noted it could be used to develop your social skills, but so could many other things. There's a chance a lot of people at your school aren't worth socializing with. This is fine as long as you understand that interacting with people is important, and fill it in somehow (clubs, outside of school activities). What happens at school will affect your options with universities, so the way to see it as perhaps as something junky you need to do well at, so that you can keep on moving on in your life.

Considering that you are reading this site, that you are switching schools and looking for solutions, I would guess that you've already accomplished the primary gain from public education - to understand the value of knowledge, and you went further and are self directed in its acquisition, so you've already accomplished most of what undergraduate school is trying to do (you may be bored for some time now....I made it through high school thinking university was going to be this awesome mystical place where I exchange with enlightened minds, but I learned later that that is only MIT, I shouldn't have grown up reading all about MIT, maybe read about other schools, because I didn't make the final cut).

You're going to be fine, and I believe this because your already alive. No need to find the appropriate group, high school or whatever, to 'lead' you, lead yourself to where you think your going to learn more, of what to learn - use the system's like schools available to you, don't wait for them to magically get wonderful - not going to happen. Unless you get into MIT....in which case, awesome, and enjoy.

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