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Why do teenagers think they have it all figured out? I certainly did, and I was certainly wrong.

Don't think of the monotony. Think of the things that differ from day to day. You find something that interests you that isn't related to monotony and you focus on that. For me, it was girls; not to get laid, but to practice my game before I went to college. If you focus on the monotony you're going to kill yourself.

Life is full people doing things they don't want to do. Everyone does lots of things they don't want to do. Even the best job has many bits of work that no one wants to do. That guy in school who is always happy and who makes everyone laugh all the time - that guy does tons of shit he doesn't want to do. That guy at work who always seems happy and comes up with good ideas on how to make things better, that guy does a ton of shit he doesn't want to do also.

To a degree, it's how you deal with those things you don't want to do that define your happiness. Do you complain? Do you work REALLY hard to try to get out of doing it? Or do you maybe accept those things as learning experiences, and find ways to get the things you don't want to do done more efficiently and more quickly?

Be a man. Finish school. Find a career that gives you happiness, do the shitty parts, and find things to be happy about, work related or not. Or, be a whiny kid who constantly complains about how everything sucks.

Good point. There are generally two ways of thinking about this. Find your calling or learn to be happy no matter what you do. I think there is wisdom in both and they are not necessarily self excluding.

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