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I can't directly relate -- I was homeschooled from grade 1 up, started college classes (at community college) at 15, transferred at 17 and finished my bachelor's at 19.

But as far as I recall, once I started doing College classes, I didn't really do any more 'high school' classwork. I took the GED to be eligible for financial aid, but I believe I still took the year-end test for 12th grade, so I 'officially' finished as well..

I doubt I was as knowledgeable as you, though, if you're already reading hacker news. I didn't know it was 'really' possible to have a startup, though I did web sites for people.

Point being, you don't necessarily have to choose between two more years of boredom and not having a HS diploma. You can pretty much take the GED and start college, and I really doubt that would work against you.

Community college might feel like more of the same for you, but at least you can structure your classes to have more time to work.

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