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You might have an easier time getting something valuable out of your 'fluffier' classes, such as English, than out of the math or science classes. I'm guessing you don't learn much in math or science, because you learn that stuff at a faster pace than your peers. But in English, even if the classroom discussions are banal, you're probably reading some interesting literature. You must be doing Shakespeare sometimes. Even if it doesn't seem like your thing -- especially then -- try to read the hell out of it, to get as deep as you can into the text and its complexities. (This has nothing to do with 'liking' it.) Try to write the most persuasive, attentive papers you can. Think of every paper as an opportunity to practice your writing.

Even if you have no connection to literature for the whole of your post-high-school life, my guess is that you'll get something valuable from those hours.

Thanks. This is a really good idea. During that good year I had, one of my most passionate teachers was my English teacher, which was partly the reason I liked that year so much (that subject had been ruined for me before). My English class now basically consists of worksheets and vocab. books, but I suppose they still can't take away the value of the literature :)

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