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Check into the International Baccalaureate programs in your area. If they have one, apply. Its likely the most stressful, intense learning experience you can get out of the public school system. You don't have to be a genius to get in, but you will definitely have to try harder. Much harder, and that should motivate you and engage your mind more so than the general population curriculum. (AP and honors classes never hurt anyone, either.)

Failing that, I'd say stay in school and while you're still young use all that free time to network, meet people with similar interests, and make things. In short, "Get Excited and Make Things", as the poster says. You have tons of free time (or at least way more than I have now at 23), so run with it. Don't discount the value of highschool. You'll realize later in life how much it meant.

Some of the most influential and successful people I know, I met in highschool. Two of which are currently engaged in running their own business, which I helped bootstrap one summer whilst in college.

Don't drop out. Finish. Learn to finish things, even if you hate them. Accept them as challenges.

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