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Your life will change more than you can ever know in the next 5-10 years. The best reason to do well in high school is to get into a great college. You will meet people who share your interests in college. But in order to get there you need to do well in high school. You can find your way into an awesome job with hacker skills and a crappy GPA, but not so with an awesome college. The people you will find in college will amaze you. You may not learn anything in class, but being surrounded by like minded people will help you grow.

With that, push through. It is not that difficult to do well in high school and the reward of a good college is worth it.

"You may not learn anything in class" in college? Man, I learned a ton in college. Linguistics and anthropology and psychology and photography were fascinating (I was a journalism major but now do web development).

If you really do love learning, good classes can really expand your understanding of - and interest in - the world.

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