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Stay in school and wait it out. Don't drop out... If you must, find a way to program in school. Go to teachers and request that you can go off by your self because your making A's in their classes. Most will listen and understand.

Go to a computer room when you can and build something great. Even though something is boring in your life and its mandatory for our society, do it. If people describe it as mandatory, do it.

A little story: I knew a guy in my school that made his first million in 10th grade. He dropped out and never looked back. You sir, don't have that luxury unless you decide to start now and make your first million. If you want out, strive to achieve what you think will actually get you out and keep you from working for "the man" in any other job....

Also, if your a child prodigy, think about going to the NSA website and crack a few of their codes... They are always hiring....

I also suggest you watch a movie called "Good Will Hunting". It struck home for me. Maybe it will for you.

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