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Show HN: Convert a Google Drive Document to the Markdown format (github.com/mangini)
86 points by dpaluy on June 6, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Perfect timing! I have about 200 Google Documents that I've always planned to move over to a repository on Github. The only thing holding me back was the poor .txt exports of Google Documents.

Seriously Github has been such a pleasant surprise time-and-again. I love to find these little nooks & crannies hidden among all the other repos.

Wow. I was looking into Google Apps scripts earlier and dismissed it because of lacking support across Google Docs products.

Seems like things have improved lately. I might look into this again.

This looks like a very useful tool, thanks.

Which ways are people using to go the other way, i.e. from markdown to a Google Document?


Looks good, thanks for the tip

Google Apps script proved to be extremley useful recently when I created a small menu item that created Calendar events from a spreadsheet. Took a lunch break and 30 lines of JS to make a really efficient enterprisey interface to make large amounts of events. You can even send invites with the API!

Care to share how you've done this? We've been looking to do similar in our laboratory for the various instruments we run user samples on (HPLCs/xray/NMR). We've been using gCalendar so far, but it's not always user friendly + we have to add users to the calendar manually before they can reserve instrument / consultation time. We've started using Quartzy[1] but it suffers from the same "must approve users first" model and we've accepted its clunkiness in the name of consolidation

______ [1]http://quartzy.com/

Is this a Google employee? The license is Copyright Google:

  Copyright 2013 Google Inc

Their profile says yes.

Yes, I am a Google employee, but this script is not official. I created it to handle some Chrome documentation tasks, but thought it could be useful to others.

I have tried this with several documents. No luck. I get "TypeError: Cannot call method "getActiveSection" of null." Same when I select something or not.

Now if only the format of the document synced to Google Drive was a usable one like Markdown instead of a link that is unusable locally.

This is great. Can anyone suggest a good place to go for tutorials or more information for writing Google Apps scripts such as this?

This looks great, thanks!

Awesome. I have about 86546774 docs to convert now.

I was just wishing for this yesterday! Wow.

Thanks for sharing this!

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