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Show HN: Quickly Start Your Morning with Top of the Morning iPhone App (gettopofthemorning.com)
11 points by morcutt on June 6, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

I put my number in to be notified about when this becomes available. I also looked at your vine video demonstrations.

A few questions:

1. Do reminders sync with your reminders app, or are they submitted by the user into this (separate) app? It specifically says it syncs the calendar, but it doesn't say this for the reminder.

2. Does the RSS feed reader aggregate multiple sources, ala Feedly or Flipboard?

3. I couldn't really see, but how much detail does the weather section give? And does it use the same source as the Apple app or does it have its own weather source it scrapes information from?

What I like:

Great website design, if a bit hacker oriented, but that's okay. It's very easy and not exhausting to scroll through slides of each design facet for the app. The mockup is excellent and very sleek, it makes me want to use this app.

Great concept, it cuts time out of the morning jumping from one app to another. I would pay $2.99 for this at the highest, and I would expect this to at least cost me $0.99. However, I'm not indicative of all users, I don't mind paying a premium for apps.

Did you do the development and design work yourself? Are you an individual or a team?

Good job!

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback. The application will either be $.99 or $1.99. It is currently just me doing both design and development.

As far as your questions go:

1. Reminders and calendars currently sync with iOS Reminders and Calendar. I will update the website to specify that.

2. The RSS feed currently aggregates from a single source. You can search (using Google feeds API) in the settings section of the app for a single feed. I will jot down the multiple sources suggestion for future versions.

3. The weather section gives you the current conditions and temperature, 12-hour forecast (in 3-hour intervals) of conditions, temperature, and chance of precipitation. The current API for weather is forcast.io.

Thanks for your response! I just wanted to let you know, I tried to email you via this website but it bounced back.

Ah! The joys of being a one man team. I had the wrong email in there. I updated it now. Thank you for letting me know.

I think the design looks great and this app could be useful for people who want to jumpstart their day. My only concern is that the market for reminder and to-do list apps is extremely crowded. I've used some apps that seem similar, and I'd be hesitant to download another. That said, you might need to hone in on the features that makes your app stand out. This may sound vague, but maybe incorporate tips or news related to breakfast, driving to work, etc.?

I agree, the market is saturated and more and more of these type of apps are coming out. For version 1.0, I am going to keep the focus on keeping the app as minimal as possible and analyze users feedback to help guide the direction of future versions.

I live outside the United States. India, to be more specific. I tried to key in my number with my country code (+91). I got error-ed out. Is there a way I can add an Indian number?

I am working on fixing this right now. I used an API that validates and formats the numbers. Apparently some mobile numbers outside the United States are not returning as being valid.

EDIT: Should work now!

Still getting an error (+64). 10 digit number incl. country code...any tips?

Looks pretty clean, I like it. Also a one man team, keep on trucking!

Same for me (China here)... Are we to believe that this will only be available in the US store?

It will be available in every country. I just updated it. Let me know if it works.

Actually, while I was getting an error, the system actually did subscribe me. I've just tried again and received the 'already subscribed' message, so I guess it works (but kind of still doesn't) haha

I'm still getting an error using +86 or 0086

Thank you. It works.

Cool! Looks like the bright colors in the background might make the white text hard to read.

Thank you for the feedback! From the original design, I have toned down the bright colors a bit and added a tiny bit of texture to make the white text easier to read. I probably could tone down the brightness a bit more.

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