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Actually, online voting may have some integrity if you find the voters, instead of letting the voters find you. If you had some kind of reliably random population, you can simply select X members to vote, thus ensuring that the stats are relatively bias-free (you get bias from people who abstain).

But you're right - in any case where the voters find you, your results will be trash.

Sure, but the whole concept of "online", as people understand it, is "clients wander around doing to servers whatever they damn-well please." If you're pulling in voters, there's no difference between doing it online and doing it, say, over-the-phone or by-mail or door-to-door—so you drop the distinguishing "online" when explaining it.

That seems like a distinction without a difference. Are you saying Facebook old poll feature wasn't "online?"

Correct, for example HotOrNot voting. If you eneter a profile url directly, you can vote but it would not be counted. If you are sent randomly to a profile(by selecting "next random" button), then there is no self selection bias and your vote is counted.

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