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on April 28, 2009 | hide | past | favorite

While this is pretty funny, I feel I should point out they're only using half the scpecification of Intelligent Design. There are two parts: 1. The less likely a pattern is, the more likely it is to have been designed by an intelligent agent. If the lists used in the example were randomly generated, they would all have equal likelihood, so this criterion is useless for the example given. 2. The more closely a pattern matches an external, independently-specified pattern, the more likely it is to have been designed by an intelligent agent. This is the same principle used in SETI searches, which look for sequences of primes etc. to identify signals with intelligent sources.

IIRC, the total likelihood of intelligence is the product of the two parts.

Oh dear. Top of the front page. This is not good at all. Is HN turning into Reddit? Alas.

Time to start looking for a new hangout, perhaps.

Would you please not submit comments of this type?


Displaying flag count for posts might help.

Ah, my apologies. Need to read those guidelines more carefully.

Just use the 'flag' feature.

It's funny enough, but it belongs on Reddit, not here.

My first instinct is to agree with you, but I find myself asking whether there might be some room for humor that is clearly aimed at an audience of hackers.

If the consensus is that there shouldn't be any humor at all then I could sort of understand that. However if we are going to have any humor at all I think I'd like it to be programmer humor.

The problem with this is not the humor value, but that it is based on ridicule. We really don't need that at HN.

I do not mind the humor if it's a good-natured Colbertesque jab. But this is clearly intended to ridicule and denigrate. In this case, it is also a misrepresentation. So three strikes.

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