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Facebook blocks links to Turkish protest organizing tool
32 points by jrbaldwin 1687 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
This mapping / SMS reporting tool is being used by protesters in Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara for a variety of needs:


Facebook, which was the main channel to share this tool in Turkey, has now blocked the URL from posts and messages.

Try posting or messaging with that link embedded and you will be prohibited. Here's a screenshot:


If you get stuck, try this: http://tidepools.dreamcats.org/

You can take the html and put that up anywhere you have a domain and it should set up a redirect.

... which suggests to me that facebook's sustained block of the legitimate news source westpapuamedia.info - despite ongoing attempts by the publishers and their readers to have it reviewed - is precisely what supporters of the site claim it to be: active submission to pressure from the murderous TNI

I got the same message today on something unrelated, it's not anything sinister. It's just facebook's worm control type thing and is only because the link has been posted a lot recently.

It is automatic spam filter, not intentional. The filter is removed after contacting with Facebook thanks to this post.

It's letting me post the link from USA.

I'm able to post the link from Turkey too.

That's good to hear! Once this got publicity, I'm sure Facebook expedited the removal of the block. Whether the block was intentional or not.


Nice Streisand effect from /r/technology

Automatic spam control

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