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Yet another Visual Studio, yet another truckload of "features" that do nothing to help day-to-day, heavy-lifting programmers. (And which probably help by adding bugs or just bloating the system). Sigh.

I am hoping they have made substantial improvements that are not mentioned in this blog post.

Note that the blog author is part of the Team Foundation Server organization, so it's natural that he's talking about those features and not the programming language and runtime features.

... though I guess if you look at the rationale behind all these features as "get people who buy into these features so tangled up in them that they can't use anything else, or reasonably port their applications to another OS", then it all makes sense.

Of course, that is the opposite of what I as a software developer want.

Out of curiosity, what kind of improvements would you like to see in Visual Studio?

Server farm builds.

A keyboard macro system that doesn't suck (e.g., is available and /as fast/ as the one in Emacs).

A way to compare project configurations without involving either XML or a sea of random dialog-like boxes.

The TFS and workflow features they are adding make me weep.

> A keyboard macro system that doesn't suck (e.g., is available and /as fast/ as the one in Emacs).

FWIW the Zeus IDE has keyboard macros that can be recorded/written in Python, Lua, Javascript or VB Script and it can even import VS woskpaces.

Yeah. But.

The VS keyboard macro system has "overengineered" written all over it. Really all they had to do was record some keystrokes. Instead they probably had a team of like four engineers, a bunch of Q/A and several PMs on it, and it took them over a year. And the result /stinks/; it blows dead exploding goats.


I really just wish they improve the darn search feature. It's just lowsy for pretty much anything but a small project.

Those features are actually designed for their marketing team, not developers. :P

Try R# with VS.

Try R# with VS in a solution with 54 projects and ~ 1.5MLOC...

It stinks!

Are you serious? That's a medium size project, just get a fast machine (e.g. i7 4770) and you'll be perfectly fine.

I've got an 8 core 3.0 Xeon with 32Gb RAM and Samsung 840. It's still slow.

It's more latency than long waits but it's enough to stop me using it.

8 core Xeon would be good at video rendering, but as of now for VS and R# you need single threaded performance, where a 3.9GHz Haswell shines.

Well, I don't know how many LOC I have, but I'm sure close to or more than that.

But we've got 62 projects. I've turned off a few things like code analysis in R# and it runs fairly well.

But the point is, we have to buy the costly VS AND pay a third party to get the real goodness of an IDE.

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