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Tablet thief forgets to disable automatic uploads, help me find my tablet (gokul-menon.blogspot.com)
2 points by maskedinvader on June 3, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

From the pictures, this impoverished individual appears to be getting through life the best he and his family is able to. We see a nice kitty, family, friends, a modest clean apartment. Like your passport, did you not also "misplace", or forget your sack in the cab? Or are we to believe, this finder, is to figure out how to find you? Do you offer a reward? Are you hiring goons, formulating a police sting ops?

this is the author here, I really am conflicted here, on one hand im wondering what to do, just sit back and passively see his world through my stolen tablet computer and on the other hand I am pissed he didnt give me back my passport, so I want the cops to question why he sold my tablet, and not return my passport, i might still not press charges, but at the very least attempt to recover my passport and reward him that way.. what do you think I should do ?

Find the current owner and offer a small token reward. The fact that you found (him) is terrifying. If this doesn't work, PD.

if i get my old passport, ofcourse, if not, then id just have to tell him sorry my friend, I am taking back my tablet, the internet found you !

Your passport recovery may have bigger guns than local PD. If you haven't already, check State Department, passport site Re: lost or stolen passports.

Good luck!

I updated my post to make a note that I am not accusing this guy of anything but merely pointing out evidence that this person in the images and videos person has my tablet (He might be innocent and might have bought it from the black market)

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