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I'm at mid-200s (NYC), but was at mid-100s (midwest) a year ago. For the last decade, I've been opting for jobs with stable income, and these jobs will exist for at least a decade.

As it's happened my recent jobs have been in either scientific research or HFT. I initially considered that having specific domain knowledge in these areas would be valuable, but I'm less sure at this point that it really is. I'm leaning these days towards sharpening and extending my tech skills, which works well because tech still fascinates me.

After having observed for decades, I'm a big believer in randomness in job assortment, hiring, compensation, etc. I'm not saying there's no correlation between merit and success/pay, but it's more like 0.3-0.4 rather than 0.9. Someone else advised switching jobs every few years. This is probably a good strategy in that it increases your odds of hitting a highly paid position, regardless of your qualifications.

Advice: Do more of the stuff you'll wish you'd done more of once you get older. Go have fun, get laid, travel.

Regarding work, try hard to get onto a team that as a group is happy, gets along, and is reasonably productive. I've worked in places with lots of brilliant, high-paid rockstars that hate each other, and (guess what) it makes the place miserable to work at.

It's probably too much to hope for that you'll be able to find a job that will allow you to do excellent technical work that is appreciated, compensated, and profitable. Still working on this myself.

As they say, it may be better to reduce your spending by $10K/y than to increase your income by that amount.

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