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Hanover, Germany. Work Permit/Blue Card and Relocation Assistance Provided.

Looking for strong Perl developers for a company in Hanover, Germany. They're stable, profitable and they've been in business for years. Hanover is a beautiful, bike-friendly, mid-sized town in the north of Germany. The cost of living is low and the quality of life is high. It's a green-friendly town and hosts one of the largest Oktoberfests in the world. While we're listing "desired" skills, keep in mind that the company is happy to be flexible on most of this so long as you can convince them that you can help improve their systems:

    - You have a strong Perl, testing, and refactoring background. 
      You'll be helping them transform legacy systems into modern ones.
    - You have experience with AJAX, SOAP, REST and other Web technologies.
    - You have good relational database experience, preferably
      MySQL (what a surprise!)
    - You understand that Object Oriented code is more than just using
      Moose or blessing a reference.
    - Familiarity with Linux
    - You speak English. German's a plus, but not mandatory.
    - You don't drool on your t-shirt.
In return:

    - A competitive salary and strong job security (always profitable,
      very low employee turnover)
    - Top-notch equipment
    - Shared offices to two or three devs -- no open plan
    - Offices in downtown
    - Flexible and fair working hours
    - 30 days vacation!
    - Get sent to conferences (if you want)
Why Hanover?

    - An active local Perl Mongers group.
    - Lots of asparagus!
    - 500k people
    - University town
    - Greenest city in Germany (forest, lake, parks, rivers)
    - Great transportation
    - Low rent and low cost of living!
Your job will not just be to hack Perl. You'll be actively working to help modernize their systems and improve standards. You'll have a high level of responsibility. In return, you get to enjoy a friendly, beautiful city and culture. Take a two week road trip across Europe and still have a month's vacation when you get back to work.

Send email to jobs at allaroundtheworld dot fr.

I'm residing in this city, but I'm a Pythonista ;-)

If you feel like exploring new waters, you can still come visit the PM group. ;)


How similar is Blue card to Green card? How easy it is to change employers in EU (But I guess, that would depend on particular country, Germany in this case).

Btw, wish you all the best in your recruiting endeavours!

Thanks for the kind words :)

For the Blue Card, you can change employers as much as you want because it's attached to the employee rather than the employer. Further, depending on the country, after two or three years, you can then legally take work in any other EEA country (except the UK, Ireland and Denmark, all of whom opted out of the Blue Card program). There are some technicalities involved, but those are the basics.

Germany's program is particularly great because you can get a permanent residency permit after only two years if you learn German (to a B2 level, I think), or after three years if you don't speak German. In other words, it's a permanent entry into the EU. I'm an American living in France and I'm married to a French woman, so I don't have to worry, but otherwise, I'd apply for the Blue Card in a heartbeat!

Interesting. I guess Blue Card is not for freelancers, right? i.e. to just directly apply on my own.

Another scenario - I'm a contractor/freelancer working for some non-EU company, but just want to live some period in EU, without changing a job. (Reasons could be e.g. a better school for children, etc..)

It's not for freelancers, no. You can go to Germany and stay up there for up to six months while looking for work, but to get a Blue Card, you have to have a contract with an annual salary attached to it. Your Blue Card is good for the length of the contract plus three months. However, as mentioned, if you stay long enough, you can apply for permanent German residency.

Keep in mind that the German government has been tweaking the Blue Card law, so you probably want to reverify what I've said if you go that route. That being said, I just received a PM on Reddit from someone who moved to Germany after seeing a post I made about the Blue Card and they just got a job offer. They're going to sign and apply for their Blue Card with that contract.

Is the Blue card valid for all of Europe or only Germany? If a german company gives me a blue card can i apply for a job in france or will the french company have to apply for the blue card too? What i am trying to understand is if it is like the H1B visa.

Seems like a good program. Thanks for sharing.

> - You don't drool on your t-shirt

Taste of German humor? :) Kidding aside, Good Luck with your search.

God, I'd love to work there. I'm an Asp.Net developer. Well mostly a JavaScript Dev who leverages the C# backend to parse recordsets.

I wonder if I should apply anyway lol. It sounds like a dream job.

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