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A CRM for personal life
2 points by shadowcats 1632 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite
Also on FS: http://firespotting.com/item?id=1056

I'm working on scratching an itch of my own: developing and refining my personal (ie outside of work) network of contacts in a systematic way.

For business, CRM usually boils down to:

-Keep track of sales

-Do customer support

-Keep track of social media, email campaigns, communication with customers, stuff like that

For private life you could boil it down to:

-Meet new people

-Do more with people you already know (ie have more fun together)

-Introduce people to each other in order to create a stronger network

Here are some examples of private life social "campaigns":

-Spend more time with grandparents

-Meet Chinese people to learn the language from

-Meet a partner

-Salsa dancing w/ friends

-Find a training buddy

-Go on fishing trip with casual acquaintance

-Meet new friends in new city you're moving to

-Host Thanksgiving

-Introduce one friend to another


The question is: would you use a CRM to track your social life like this? Too creepy/machiavellian?

What features would be important?

My list of features that I would want:

-Import from Gmail, Linkedin, FB, etc

-Keep track of when I last emailed them

-Keep track of commitments/promises by myself/others

-Keep track of what kind of new people I want to meet

-Comments, journal, attachments, etc

-Set reminders to ping people

-Tag, and rate contacts on various dimensions (ie geographical proximity, how many years I've known them, what their skills/hobbies/passions are, do they know Spanish?, etc)

-Scan business cards (quite standard CRM feature I think)

-Connect friends with friends. I think this kind of combinatorics thing is really interesting. A personal life CRM could really help you spot opportunities for introducing friends to each other and see combinations that you might not have thought about before.

-Send out emails to friends and do analytics and A/B tests.

-Email templates for contacting multiple friends fast

I feel like Facebook already does most of what you are looking for, and indeed this is why it's popular.

What are the important ways in which FB is not what you want?

I guess it does to some extent. Would be cool if they summarized some of the stats and reminded you reach out to your friends in some psychologically acceptable way.

As well as added a way to create personal campaigns with milestones and share some of this information more openly with selected personal mentors or advisors. Come to think of it linkedin could do this better?

sure. But I think the killer feature I'd want is grouping/tagging friends automatically. The people I know from gaming aren't necessarily my friends from school. PRM (personal relationship manager) should know that.

Tell me more. How would that feature work?

I think this is a neat idea. I also like the idea of having "personal life advisors"[1] or "personal mentors" who you reach out to for advise and share your "life metrics"

[1] Scott Hanselman's http://lifesboardofdirectors.com

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