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This is cool, good work. My startup is in the photography industry–don't worry about competing with Flickr's CC images or even microstock sites. Just focus on "Splash images for your software/mobile startup." ... if anything, you're competing with the free PSDs you find on Dribbble

I have a full studio with Profoto strobes. If you need some more contributors, let me know.

Some other thoughts:

- I think you'll grow out of Tumblr and Dropbox real quick (I'm already seeing Dropbox errors)

- Give people an option to "buy out" an image from the set. For, say, $100 someone can license exclusively an image and it's no longer available.

- Include some Photoshop files that place a screen shot on the image and apply the proper perspective/warping. People can then just drop in their screen shots.

Good MVP.

EDIT: Here's a quick-and-dirty example of a PSD with a "placed" screenshot that is adjusted properly to fit the screen:


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