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It's amazing how much the title submission can influence comments.

Original title: "Hated expensive, crappy stock photos so I made this."

Current title: "Free hi-resolution photos for your website. 10 new photos every 10 days"

A lot of these comments are really negative and might be confusing to people who didn't know the original title. And frankly, when you have a title like that to start, it warrants some of the criticism.

If you just take this site for what it is, and what the new title says, then it's awesome and no one should really have a problem with someone spending their time taking great quality photos and releasing them for free.

The title is still too general, if I understand the point of these photos: They appear to be intended as splash images for app websites (I guess the first batch of 10 is for desktop apps), with the implication that you will perspective-distort a screenshot and superimpose it on one of these, using it on your home page.

It's not a bad idea. It certainly can lend a more dramatic look to a low-budget brochureware site, although were these to become popular, they'd quickly become recognizable.

Actually - i would have been more pleased if I had clicked on the first title. The new one sounds like its trying to sell me something, the first one sounds like a pet project.

Still - It is too general in both case and i can't seem to understand the use case.

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