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As others have said here, you should consider hosting these with great keywords with a Creative Commons license on Flickr, and/or contribute them to a few free stock photo sites, and link back to your new site consistently featuring new work. You'll get found more easily at the places most people are searching, and start to make a name for yourself through bringing them back here.

At the same time, you should look into your technique if you'd like these to be usable for commercial print work.

These likely cannot be used in print work as is; the photo quality is borderline. They likely wouldn't be chosen by art directors to use large (eg., background images) or on today's retina screens, for the same reason. If someone is reviewing the work, too many clients' eyes will jump to the problems.

You may want to consider a better lens that doesn't exhibit the strong purple color fringing. You also need to reduce (or change methods of) the post processing that's causing severe fringing between the various subjects in the pictures, ringing on the out of focus elements, etc. These look and feel a lot like high end camera phone pics run through too much filter.

In considering composition, watch out for elements like the errant finger on the left hand writing. Any element that's too unusual draws excess attention, detracting from stock photo value, unless of course that element is the featured element.

Check out the quality standards guidelines at iStockPhotos:


For example, they would have likely rejected these for chromatic aberration and maybe for over filtering:



Finally, as noted in other comments, generally company logos are not acceptable in stock photography:


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