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Interesting, but a slight critique. There's some lens chromatic aberration in the bokeh/blur... a better lens that performs with little chroma wide open would solve it, or failing that stopping down just a couple notches down from wide open.

Yet another reasons people pay for hi-resolution high-quality photographs, or take their own. Photographs cost money because they provide value, and some random photos taken by a non-professional don't always cut it. Great of you to give it a shot and put it out there though.

I love this advice. While most commenters are addressing potential legal issues, you addressed a technical issue - the art of taking the photographs themselves. That's awesome of you. I hope to see more of this kind of advice on HN.

Technical issues are irrelevant if there are prohibitive legal issues at hand.

Some of the blur appears to have been added in post-processing.

Agreed, also contributing to the low-quality feel of it.

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