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So all the best engineers on the market just happened to have gone to school with Levchin, and all the best business types on the market just happened to have gone to school with Peter Thiel.

What an amazing coincidence!

Well they did go to Stanford and UIUC. Arguably the best school for business and the birthplace of the browser, and one of the best comp sci schools in the country.

I think the point is that he hired people he knew.

this is what they call meritocracy.

If you could show that either university is not meritocratic in their application process, you would have a point.

Thank you - I had a look at the book description and I don't see how it makes your point (regardless of whether the author is an authority on the subject)

Universities aren't as meritocratic as you might think. I really liked this book, http://www.amazon.com/Price-Admission-Americas-Colleges-Outs... I don't know if I agree with everything, but the realization that the majority of admissions at elite schools are to people who are in some way "hooked" is pretty shocking.

Also, the last Stanford graduating class was a fifth legacy students. http://www.stanforddaily.com/2009/12/02/legacies-a-fifth-of-...

A-players hire A+ players!

everyone think he is A player (guilty as charged), but cruel reality is majority is C players hiring hopefully better than that (C+,B).

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