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> 15. If Glass is “on” and anyone near you says “OK Glass,” they can control what you see, take a picture, etc.

That's what I thought, though oddly, I haven't seen this obvious fact mentioned anywhere else. It can be fixed in future I'm sure - but in the short term it might cause some problems:

"OK Glass. Tweet 'I'm an idiot'." - someone shouting in the subway

If it turns out to be a big enough problem, Google could probably add a way for people to run Glass off of a throat mike [0], simultaneously solving the "crazy bluetooth headset person" and "hostile takeover" problems.

0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laryngophone

Given that there's a bone conduction speaker, I rather assumed that Glass was going to pick up on bone-conducted vibrations to make sure the wearer is the one speaking.

"OK Glass. Google goatse."

R.I.P Goatse

A bigger problem with that, two people using glass in the same voice range area will step on each others commands.

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