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This is a perfect example of a primary difference between apple and google.

Apple makes sure that before you ever use it that almost every single thing akin to what Dustin pointed out is a non-issue.

Google gives you an alpha/beta product and wants you to find the flaws for them, and maybe help shape it.

Using bread as an analogy, Apple gives you a beautiful tasty loaf ready to eat; Google gives you some dough and tells you to start kneading if you want some bread. With Apple you know you are getting a fantastic loaf and with Google you get to help bake.

Each has their benefits and drawbacks.

I think ice cream shops might make for a better analogy.

Apple is like one that makes the absolute best vanilla and chocolate ice creams you've ever had. And maybe in the back, they're working on an amazing mint-chocolate-chip, but they haven't quite found just the right supplier of peppermint extract, and until then, nobody gets to try it.

Google is like that crazy experimental ice cream shop that has all sorts of weird flavors available at any time, and sometimes they don't quite work out (like "pancakes") but sometimes they're huge successful breakthroughs (like "bourbon and cornflakes"), and they have no way of knowing which is going to be which until the public starts to taste them.

And at times they would, out of the blue, cancel a taste you really like.

Just like my ice cream shop :(

Not really fair to reference Google here.

After all, the flip side is, "or announce that a flavor that you paid $600 for barely 14 months ago is end-of-life and will not be getting any updates".

Is that really the flip side? With an Android you don't even have to wait 14 months to be guaranteed no updates.

Also, the Apple ice cream shop is staffed by friendly, well dressed servers who are knowledgeable and passionate about ice cream and all of the relevant subfields.

The Google ice cream shop is actually a vending machine.

I don't know about that; both companies actually have really good customer service for paying customers. The difference is that Google also offers free products to the public, which generally don't come with customer service, whereas Apple doesn't really offer free products at all.

That is indeed a very good analogy.

A refinement of that analogy is that Apple gives you one particular type of bread, and you damn well better like exactly that kind of bread. This is mostly okay, because it is really tasty, but if you happen to want sourdough instead, too bad.

Actually, sourdough is the only bread worth eating.

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