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I've literally never had my servers go down on Linode's account, having run 'em for years now. Maybe the management panel goes down from time to time, but that's a totally different number than AWS's 99.999%—is that what you were referring to? Or has Linode actually killed your servers?

Linode hasn't killed my servers, but just informed me that they'll be doing maintenance on my production box that will likely be a two-hour window, but could take up to 8 (!)

Not very excited about Linode these days.


You can migrate it to another physical server at any time in advance of the maintenance window.


This is true, Linode's support is top notch responsive. I've been with them for several years, no issues, great uptime, they keep bumping up what they offer without touching the price. There's no per hour gotchas. What they say they offer, they deliver.


Yeah, I have a linode that's getting close to 3 year of uptime and has only had a network outage longer than a few minutes once in that time.


Good points. Yes, these comments truly prove that "Your mileage may vary".

The grass isn't always greener, and with so many users, our personal experiences are simply "statistical anomalies / anecdotes" to the other guy, but are 100% our relevant personal experience to ourselves.

It kind of reminds me of my uncle who does surgery on backs. When a patient asks him, "What's the success % rate on this surgery?" He replies, "100% or 0% for YOU". It irked me to hear that from him, as an engineer, but he's so damn right when it comes to personal experiences & preparations (emotionally & otherwise)


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