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I think that's a reasonable question, but a bit tangential to the offering, no?

How can I trust them to manage my server correctly if their security has been less than stellar? I am trusting them with my data. Something they have failed to keep secure in the past. It is the question they will not answer, because Linode is now akin to an used car dealership.

I get that some people don't trust Linode with their data and I think that's fair. But it doesn't really have much to do with managed vs unmanaged. Surely if you don't trust them with a managed server you should also not trust them with an unmanaged one.

And vice-versa, which is what people are asking about.

Not really. If they are dedicating resources to this instead of improving their across the board woeful security practices then it is relevant.

And it does beg the question if they can't manage their own infrastructure why would anyone be silly enough to let them manage theirs ?

Security, presumably, is a major motivation for using a managed service like this. If they can't keep their own house in order, why should I trust them to look after mine?

Not only that, if they are managing your systems, how sure can you be that they'll inform you of a compromise. They seemed pretty content not to discuss/reveal the previous security issues until they were forced to.

They can leave their systems open to hackers and then charge the customers to fix the damage to their boxes and VPS instances afterwards.

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