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Yes, there was the password / CC breach fiasco, but have you really had a horrible track record?

I'm genuinely curious. I've been hosting with them for a couple years and have had zero problems and amazing support response rate otherwise.

If there's some kinda of a nightmare scenario waiting for me, I'd love a heads up.

It's not the track record that is important. It's the fact that after their first major hacking attack they learnt absolutely nothing. Still hiding the truth from the customer. Still failing to do security audits. Still sticking with their ColdFusion front end.

Also their support is only good for minor incidents. When you have a data centre go down their support evaporates and you will be left with a multi-hour outage with no clue what is happening.

Well it came out with the latest one (the CF exploit) that they were gagged on it when the FBI got involved. They eventually came out about it when the gag was removed, but only so much. When the FBI gets involved, usually the transparency get tossed out the window, at least if the company is not one of the giants.

I see getting your last account hellbanned hasn't deterred you from repeating the same stuff every Linode thread, taligent.

(I'm not a customer).

"Still hiding the truth from the customer. Still failing to do security audits."

How do you know this?

There were several incidents where it took leaks and third-party releases for the truth to come out, and if they'd done a big audit they'd have announced it for the "we're taking concrete steps" cred.

I believe the issue a lot of people have is that linode is not transparent when they are hacked. They have been hacked twice now and their communication in both cases has been fairly limited. It feels like their communication in this latest incident only happened because the hacker posted a lot of information

bitcoinica was some serious lulz too.

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