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1Password 50% off today (agilebits.com)
43 points by blearyeyed on May 29, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 59 comments

I became a 1Password user about a year and a half ago or so. It's awesome. My password file is encrypted to Dropbox and in sync with my phone and laptop. The Chrome plugin rocks for generating new passwords and filling out login forms. Easiest way I've found to achieve independent, large, random passwords on every site.

I have been using it for several years and have never had a complaint. It syncs seamlessly over dropbox between OSX, Windows, and iPad/iPhone.

I did have to re-purchase it for version 3, but I use this software every day and its worth every penny. Keep it up, agile bits!

How does it compare to KeePass? (A free piece of software)

I'd say the biggest difference is simply usability. My coworker uses KeePass and I use 1Password and most things take him 1 or more steps to do than it takes me. For instance, the browser plugins with 1Password are pretty seamless, no copying and pasting just a simple click to login.

However, I tend to think that AgileBits over-charges for 1Password and I still haven't upgraded to the new version since they moved to the app store and tried to make me purchase the same version I had already bought(just to move to app store distribution model).

I bought the family license which gives me 5 users I believe, but I still have to buy the app for all iOS devices which in my house includes a total of 5 devices (at 9.00 a piece right now...that's on top of the 70.00 I spent for the family license). They don't, however, charge for the Android version which I find a bit odd since they charge for iOS.

KeePass with KeeFox can automatically fill in login forms with Firefox. I imagine that they have plugins for other browsers as well. I use it on Windows and Linux and synchronize the DB using dropbox as well.

KeePass does not fill forms, nor store CC info or personal info. It also doesn't have browser plugins (at least when I tried, the Chrome plugin didn't work).

1Password is absolutely essential to my flow as I use hundreds of personal sites and accounts, and in a pinch the 1passwordanywhere html-over-dropbox version is incredibly useful.

One of the biggest features is that when you sign up for a account on a given site, 1Password browser extention will capture that info for you - you dont have to enter it into the UI, unlike with some other managers. This makes it very usable to share passwords with, say, your spouse for shared accounts.

KeePass runs on Linux (I'd happily pay for the better UX of 1Password, but that's a deal breaker).

Coincidentally, Dashlane 2.0 was recently released: http://www.dashlane.com/blog/2013/05/24/a-message-about-dash...

I'm going to have to give it a try, but 1Password doesn't require a yearly fee for the "across devices" version, due to Dropbox being essentially free, whereas it's $20/yr for Dashlane if you want that.

Any way I can get the 1Password+Dropbox goodness for Dashlane without paying $20/yr?

Any thoughts on this Vs. Keepass?

I've been unhappy with Keepass for a while on OSX, specifically because of missing features like AutoType. How does OnePass compare?

Bonus question: how easy is it to migrate my library from Keepass to OnePass?

This probably means they're about to release a new version that you'll have to pay full price to upgrade to. They do this every time they're about to release a new version.

I find LastPass premium a much better value. You give up a little control for a lot more convenience and clients for any concievable platform.

I call FUD. From their website:

“Free Upgrade – Purchase 1Password for Mac or Windows today and receive a FREE upgrade to version 4 when it becomes available.”

I didn't read the page, but it isn't FUD; this is how they have handled every other upgrade in the past.

I'm glad that they chose to change their mind on this one.

Given that you didn’t actually read the page, I gather you didn’t mean to mislead. By casting doubt over the offer and then plugging a competing product it came across as such.

I guess I was cut by Hanlon’s razor once more.

How are we suppose to receive free upgrade if purchasing via Mac App Store?

The upgrade won't be distributed as a new product. They'll just release version 4 as an update to the same product as version 3.

It will likely be a free update on the MAS.

Isn’t that the point of the Mac App Store? It doesn’t offer developers the option to charge for updates. The current version is 3.9.6 – if you once bought 1Password in the Mac App Store, you’ve likely received countless free updates already.

The workaround for that is simply to release the update as a new app. So, your customers could buy App 3.x and receive updates for App 3.x through 3.x+n, and then App 4.x is released separately.

I don’t see how that’s relevant. The publishers have stated they will provide a free upgrade to v4. I was answering the question of how such a free upgrade could work in the App Store, which is simple: the App Store doesn’t even support paid updates, only free ones.

Though I've never tried 1Password I'm also a happy and content premium subscriber of LastPass - On my Mac, office Windows, Android and office Linux.

Clearly this is advertisement, why is this on the front page? How does it constitute as news?

Because the HN crowd (more than most) recognizes the importance of security and single use passwords.

1Password is by far (IMO) the nicest and best way to manage passwords (and generate single use passwords). The only downside is its expense, so when it's 50% off, that's good news for HN.

(I have no affiliation with 1Password)

I am all for password managers, I've even created one myself. I just don't think it's valuable to post sales like this, there are plenty of other sites that you can go to get info on software sales. Why cloud up HN?

Hear hear. This advert should not be on HN.

This is something that's considered an absolutely essential tool by a lot of the readership. I have no affiliation, just a happy user. I really feel like anyone who isn't using it ought to at least be using something similar, and the comments here are a good place to discuss the alternatives.

Though to be fair, those that are interested in it probably already have it. I'd rather see a post about a concrete alternative than a direct link to some special offer.

I guess you're arguing that the upvotes are coming from happy users that are lending their support by clicking an up arrow. That just feels weird for HN.

I for one was really glad to see this on the front page, as I usually don’t hear about discounts like these until after they’ve ended. I just bought a 5-user license, something I should’ve done years a go.

I switched from an iPhone 5 to a HTC One recently and while almost all my iOS apps have decent/good replacements on Android, 1Password was one of the few that stuck out like a sore thumb. I still have an iPad, so I'm hesitant to switch password apps, but I almost couldn't believe the android version came from the same developers. Soo bad.

I'm still not using any software solution because there are too many to choose from. :(

"faced with too many choices, consumers have trouble making optimal choices, and thus as a result can be indecisive, unhappy, and even refrain from making the choice (purchase) at all. [Even when making any choice would be better than not making any choice at all]" [1]

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overchoice

I've never used 1Password, but if you're looking for a simple, free alternative, oneshallpass.com and its Chrome extension would be a good fit.

I use 1Password, but am unhappy with their syncing, particularly across multiple macs, because I don't want my keyfile exposed to Dropbox, particularly not a "main" dropbox account.

What I'd really like is a self-hosted server for sync (webdav or something, or imap-like), but I'd tolerate a server hosted by a trustable third party (Agilebits would be ok).

For those of us outside the Apple ecosystem, which application is better out of Lastpass, 1Password, KeePass or other?

I'm not sure how Apple is relevant to this, but that's a subjective question. Having used all 3, I haven't found one head and shoulders above the rest. I was a long time user of LastPass but recently purchased 1Password because I found its Chrome extension much more pleasant. Having said that, LastPass has a great bookmarklet that can be use on any device (they all have apps, but the apps require using a bespoke browser) and has a Dolphin Browser extension too. I think 1Password gets the edge for me, it's functional and beautiful, and is available on all devices. It even has a HTML app you can access on your dropbox to read your passwords.

I really urge you to try them, it really is a personal preference thing.

They make a Windows version [1]. As some have said, I find the experience much better than other managers, mainly due to the browser extension.

Edit: oops, this is assuming you meant you were on Windows.

[1] https://agilebits.com/onepassword/win

1Password in the Windows ecosystem is just horrible. They don't care about Windows users.

There primary focus is Mac users that sometimes boot up into Windows.

Therefore the app itself looks totally misplaced and does not follow correct UI standards on Windows.

They don't support Windows 8/RT Modern apps.

The Windows Phone 7 app is just lackluster. No edit, just read only.

Only Dropbox integration and not SkryDrive.

Lastpass. I like switching between OSes(mobile & desktop) and I found that Lastpass exists on all of them.

The wording is unclear on the licenses - if I solely want to use 1Password on my macbook air at home, PC at home and macbook pro at work does that mean I need 1 single user license or 3? Also, if I understand correctly I would need to buy iOS versions for my iPhone and iPad mini?

hmm, so if i buy the mac + windows version that should be sufficient - thanks!

I started using LastPass a few years ago- any compelling reasons to switch to 1Password?

If you're someone who actually enjoys using LastPass, I don't really know what to say.

The UX (and design) of 1Password is way better.

But another important reason is that LastPass is a central service where you have to (at least somewhat) trust them to not screw up since all your (encrypted) passwords are on their servers. With 1Password there is no such mandatory central service.

I'd say the only reason to use LastPass is if you're cheap, or if password-sharing is a daily exercise for you.

Another reason to use LastPass is if you use multiple computers. (I use 5+ computers at work in tech support and 2+ at home.) Using 1Password would require that I install the desktop application on all of these computers, whereas with LastPass all you need is the Chrome extension.

Your eyes won't have to bleed whenever you look at it?

Have you tried the 1Password Android app? It's uglier than anything Lastpass has ever put out. I've paid for all Agilebit's apps switched to Lastpass because 1Password's multiplatform support is shit unless you're stuck in the Apple ecosystem.

So, I actually use 1Password on iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows on a regular basis. OS X and iOS are clearly the most refined versions of the app. The Windows version is fine, and as far as I can tell does everything that the OS X app does, but it looks like a very workmanlike Windows app and nothing like the OS X app (which might be a feature for some Windows guys, who knows). Anyway, it's fine.

The Android app is read-only. It gives you read-only access to your 1Password database in Dropbox, but that's it. It works, but they really need to give it some love and bring it up to par with the iOS version.

I've never had any complaints with LastPass's design, only with its failure to work properly on a handful of sites that I regularly use.

I was briefly a user of LastPass until that service lost every credential set I had added to it. I tried a KeePass store in DropBox for a while but the poor cross platform support and mobile support got me to try 1Password. For what little it's worth I've been very happy with 1Password so far; superior UX, cross platform support, and control of my own backups.

> the poor cross platform support

Guh? I've got KeePass+DropBox on my Linux laptop, iMac desktop, Windows 7 work desktop, and Android phone. What's missing?

I found it to be possible but difficult to get KeePass running on every machine I want a password store on. When I last used it running the KeePass itself under Mono was an annoying install process, slow to launch, and far from a native UX. Sorting through unofficial contributed ports to find working smart phone apps (and trusting yet another party to manage access to my password store) was also less than ideal.

I'm sure it is possible to get KeePass working smoothly but I'm also happy to have paid for what feels like a better solution to me.

Ah, I'm using the 1.25 "classic" edition. More native ports, it seems.

I wish it ran on Linux too, but I can't complain. I've used it for five years now, I think it was the first piece of online software I paid for. Very satisfied, would recommend, especially for those of you who are a tad paranoid.

Crucial question: Do you get a free update to 1Password 4 for Mac when it comes out?

According to a promo on the right margin, yes, you do.

Yes. It states this on the site: "Purchase 1Password for Mac or Windows today and receive a FREE upgrade to version 4 when it becomes available."

Yes, look for 'Free Upgrade' on the right sidebar.

I've got the old iOS version which I don't really use much but seems to work just fine. Any compelling reason to upgrade to their latest & greatest?

It has support for iCloud sync (but only between iOS devices…): http://learn.agilebits.com/1Password4/iOS/Sync/ios-icloud-ma...

I had the old one as well and recently had to get a new iphone and I couldn't get the old free version of 1Password for my iphone, so I had to buy it.

The new iOS app is prettier, seems to be a little more secure (requires the master password, instead of just using the quick password).

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