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I hate Javascript. Sorry if this offended anyone. I think it was good for its limited use case during the early Web 1.0 - Web 2.0 era.

So therefore I dont like asm.js either. I much prefer LLVM or PNaCI. But that is in an ideal world. In real world i would have to agree asm.js seems the way forward. Even with asm.js being a shortcut, it would still take many years for it to gain enough traction and improvement to be really useful as an universal compiler target. Much like what is currently happening now with JVM. Except almost everyone already has a JS Engine Installed, no need to download a Java Runtime.

That way everyone can really use what ever languages that love or they want. With Everything2js.

I hope the future evolution of Javascript will take performance as a consideration. Such as SIMD etc.

May the day of languages independent web come faster.

Some days, I hate JS too. But hate leads to the dark side. It is what it is. Might as well hate endosymbionts who power our cells for being ugly.

We're all over performance, including SIMD. Multiple approaches but definitely up for the Dart-like direct approach. Talking to John McCutchan of Google about lining up JS on this front so Dart2JS has a complete target.


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