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>What a formatting mess -- I hope you can you still edit your post and put two newlines after the >-cited lines from my post, and the text where you start replying? Thanks.

Sorry, for the bad formatting, when I understood that it's broken I wasn't able to edit it.

>At this point on USENET, you'd hear a plonk. But I'll close with one more point:

I didn't want to argue with you, I just described how it looked to me (and I mentioned it in the previous comments). I just have no expertise here and now see that there're problems which aren't mentioned by googlers in their presentations. May be you are right, may be they are right. I am sorry if I offended you.

>Shortest-path evolution usually wins on the Web. Trying to standardize PNaCl -- including Pepper and LLVM IR abused or patched into shape as a long-lived object file format -- is an impossibly long, almost exclusively Google-dependent, path.

Yes, it is. I have no choice other than to use JavaScript in one form or another. However, I would love to be able to use a beautiful modern and well thought language on the client instead of rusty JavaScript (or Dart or GWT). I like the Mozilla Rust, but it is a system programming language. I'd love to see something of similar spirit but oriented towards client. Unfortunately, it will take too much time until it happens.

Not looking to argue, just add some value: you say "too much time until it happens" and I've heard that before, many times -- most recently re: Dart (see that Channel 9 Lars&Anders interview).

Funny thing, it has been years since Dart started, ditto PNaCl. Who says JS is the slow path? I suspect it will get there faster (for tangible definitions of "there", e.g., a Rust2JS compiler for you) with well-focused work.


> Rust2JS

Pretty please! Excited to see pcwalton's zero.rs work, which I understand to be a prerequisite for a Rust2JS. But deeper JS integration than emscripten currently provides (e.g., mapping rust structs to harmony binary data StructTypes?) would be even more awesome. When are you going to land 749786, anyway?

Re: Dart and PNaCl--they've been useful for providing political cover to people who want to evolve JS more aggressively.

Heh, I really do need to land int64/uint64 support. The patch needs tests and some cleanup first. This week may afford some hacking time (finally) instead of just rebasing time.

In theory it shouldn't be necessary to mal-invest in long-odds/single-vendor (and therefore hard to standardize without dominant market power) innovations at high cost, just to drive minimal investment in evolving the web in shorter-odds ways. Especially when the same company is collaborating in TC39 to evolve JS, and owns the V8 engine!

Competitive strategy or just a side effect? I suspect the latter, and even if strategy, it's not cheap. Anyway, we didn't need it as cover to do asm.js. That came from @azakai's work on Emscripten plus Mozilla Research's "make the Web better" agenda and answer the "JavaScript -- is there anything it can't do?" q. with results (negative or positive).


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