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It is pretty as all heck. I'd be A/B testing it against a simpler one-click-and-done pricing scheme, though. I think geeks get a high off of complex pricing schemes like very few other people do, in particular, in a way that very few people who have the authority to sign off on a $3,500 a month ongoing cost do.

I mean, take the hourly cron option, for example. I'd be asking myself the question "Is having this standard feature on the pricing page, where the presence will probably not influence purchasing decisions but will make it one click longer to get through to entering payment details, going to make us more money at $3 per customer per month than it will cost us in lost conversions?"

You don't even have to make the pricing different -- just abuse the power of defaults and hide all the details on another page that 98% of your customers will never click through to. One enterprise plan: we assume you want the top DB, our recommended number of dynos, unlimited backups, and unlimited cronage. One SMB plan. One startup plan. One hobbyist plan. That takes it down from 6 or 7 layers of decision points, some of which are quite complicated and may be beyond the ability of the person actually making the decision, to a quick "What best describes the type of business you work for" check.

(Note that this may result in some large business customers overpaying for services out of a desire to not have to submit reimbursement requests for "Hobbyist" services. Aww shucks, right?)

These are all good points. There is something else though that's kind of amazing about the page. It got a whole bunch of people who make the decision on what hosting platform to use to talk about it and link to it. They somehow turned a pricing page into viral marketing.

Plus it furthers their brand amongst the HN crowd that they have their act together and are worthy of trusting your application to.

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