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I initially thought that looked a bit like a lame attempt to get money while "provoking dialog about what makes game a game" or something arty farty like that, because he makes it sound like that.

Now it seems it's a rather clever attempt at crowd funding.

I am not sure why there is so much hate and vitriol against Peter Molynuex's ... uh, what did you say, "arty farty". On the comments for the Engadget article, there were lots and lots of incessant comments about his pretentiousness. People reacting with cringes. What is up with that? It's like listening to a bunch of middle school kids at an art museum.

well, because, sounding pretentious is a negative connotation.

pre·ten·tious /priˈtenCHəs/ Adjective Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

I have no hate for PM, he is a cool guy. But sometimes he is needlessly pretentious.

That doesn't answer anything. I know what pretentious means.

What I don't understand is why people _don't_ think what Molyneux is doing is important, or have culture. Why do people _feel_ hatred and shame for him?

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