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I studied computer science at the University of Missouri Rolla. My instructor Dr. Pyron said that this stuff wasn't needed to learn Computer Science and that most of it was hoaky and kind of hinky. But he also told our Freshman class that "Ethics don't matter" as well. So I think I was robbed of that opportunity to learn it. BTW I feel that "Ethics do matter" and told him of my opinion, and he said it wouldn't work in the computer business.

I had a TA for College Algebra who couldn't teach it, and the professor was nowhere to be found. They made Catch-22 Jokes that he was like Major Major you could only see him if he wasn't in his office. It made me feel better but did not help me learn. I was in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and they helped me out, but claimed the TA had messed up some of the problems that could only be solved with Calculus which I didn't learn yet. To make matters worse I got caught up in the party college thing and underage drinking. I quit eventually. But at least I didn't get forced to meet "Alice" like some unfortunate souls. I still have my Intro to Pascal and Pascal with Data Structures books in my basement, I should re-read them and try stuff with Free Pascal.

In 2005 I had a car accident and almost died, was in a coma, and lost some memories as a result. I may just have to relearn everything all over again. Since I am on disability, free online classes and sources are my only hope. Thanks.

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