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I think I covered that in this ebook: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/314107 :) BTW it is a joke written by MIT's AI SciGen software to show how hard it is to tell if a thesis is serious or a parody written by clever AI software. Even if I mark it as parody and Computer Science Fiction some people are taking it seriously. Even when it says stuff like added 27 25Ghz Intel 386 chips to the network. :) The 386 chip does not run that fast.

OK complexity, then why is polynomial time used to describe it? I know some compilers can optimize machine code better than others, how does that affect the complexity? If the performance can vary from days to microseconds, well that is a very big gap. Video gamers always complain about 'lag', and days well that is one heck of a 'lag'! :)

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