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What makes this event "wacky"?

They have a 24 hour hacker lounge for code sprints + scheming and socializing (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=532314), a rude robot on Twitter ordering people to submit proposals/ attend (http://twitter.com/osbridgebot/status/1536795780), all proposals were automatically updated to a public page + feed, even before accepted, anybody could send (private) comments to committee on what they thought should be/not accepted, the rude robot submitted a (rejected) talk, i've seen various organizers appear on a public-access like show drinking tiki drinks, promoting it.

It's all volunteer run, so it seems to have the spirit of BarCamp, but its scale and logistics is a bit more OSCON-like, held at same convention center where OSCON was last year.

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